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Here’s what we’ve been working on

Dr. Downing, the new bridge is absolutely perfect!  I love it!  It's so beautiful, and exactly what I wanted!  I'm so happy with my smile!

Leanne - Pleasant Run Dental patient 03/27/18

Severe wear and Gummy Smile

Before Cosmetic Reconstruction and Gummy Smile

My teeth are in bad shape and I have a lot of gum that shows when I smile.


2 weeks after Cosmetic Crown Delivery and Gum Recontouring Surgery

I'm very happy that I can eat and smile...probably better than I ever have!


2 weeks after Crown Delivery!

Before Cosmetic Crowns

"I have a lot of chips and cracks in my teeth, and I'd like to protect them and make my smile look better."


After Cosmetic Crowns

I'm very happy with my teeth now, and I like to smile!


Broken Teeth Fixed
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